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Derek Prince Ministries India

Fasting Successfully - English

Fasting Successfully - English

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Previously published as How to Fast Successfully. Reading this book and applying the Biblical guidelines for fasting will help you obtain the greatest benefits from fasting, both spiritual and physical.

Journal Edition

Jesus did not say "If you fast.." but rather "When you fast.."

As you read best-selling author Derek Prince's biblical teaching on fasting, you will discover answers to such questions as:

  • Why should I fast?
  • What happens during a fast?
  • What are the rewards of fasting?
  • How long should I fast?
  • How should I break a fast?

Customer Reviews:

"Now this one I'm very glad I bought. If you're having trouble getting started and/or staying on a fast, this book will motivate you and give you a very personal reason for fasting. It's working for me. Love it."

"This book is straight to the point in helping one understand why and how to fast. I like that his claims are backed with scriptural proof. This book has definitely created a great conviction in myself to make fasting a part of my spiritual regime."

"Fasting is the fine-tuning of faith and humility. In it we are putting aside our most essential sustenance: food, to draw closer to God and His agenda for the Kingdom. Take courage and see how God will honour your fast after reading this book."

"It has been many years since I have read anything by Derek Prince. His writing is very helpful and practical on why we fast and how we fast as Christians, not to be seen by men for their approval by to draw close to the Lord Jesus and see things as He sees them and remembering the poor and the broken-hearted as He does. Very quick read."

"Excellent study on biblical fasting for a beginner. Helpful suggestions and insights making fasting easy to understand and do with purpose and success."

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