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Derek Prince Ministries India

Through Repentence to Faith - English

Through Repentence to Faith - English

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"There is not other way to faith except through repentance.
Any other way that claims to get you there is a deception. True
faith is impossible without repentance."

As each believer comes to faith in Christ, we can
recognize that four elements are required:
* a direct confrontation
* a revelation of the identity of Jesus Christ as the eternal Son of God
* acknowledgement of the Lord Jesus
* a public confession of faith

If we have never laid that foundation, we can never erect
the building that is our life in Christ. Once we have laid the
foundation, we can go on to complete the building, "and this
we will do if God permits" (Hebrews 6:3).

Derek Prince (1915-2003), founder of Derek Prince Ministries International,
wrote more than fifty books. Educated at Eton College and Cambridge
University, he also studied at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. His way
of explaining the Bible in a clear, simple way has helped millions build
a foundation of faith. His daily radio broadcast "Keys to Successful Living"
reaches millions of listeners around the world in numerous languages.
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