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Derek Prince Ministries India

Appointment In Jerusalem - English

Appointment In Jerusalem - English

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Far from her native Denmark, this young school teacher was practically penniless in Jerusalem with no idea what she was doing there other than responding to a suprising vision God had given her, and a heart for this city.

Not long before, as a school teacher at the top of her profession, Lydia Prince didn't even believe in God. But through a remarkable series of events, she gave her life to Jesus, immersed herself in Scripture and prayer, and dared to be led by the Holy Spirit. Eventually she found herself on a ship bound for Tel Aviv. Then came a dying Jewish baby, siege, barricades, gunfire and an awareness of the real appointment to which God was calling her.

by Lydia Prince as told to
her husband Derek Prince

This is the compelling story of a woman who took her place as a watchman on the walls, praying day and night for the outworking of God's plan for His chosen people. In the
process Lydia Prince rescued scores of abandoned Jewish and Arab children from disease and death amid the violent birth pangs of the modern state of Israel.

Because the key to world history is held in this single city. an epilogue by Derek Prince attempts to lift the veil for the future and sketch a picture of what lies ahead for Jerusalem
- and for us all.
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