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Derek Prince Ministries India

Called To Conquer - English

Called To Conquer - English

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Discover your personal assignment from God. With a thorough examination of Old and New Testament passages, Derek shows you what a calling is, the specific gifts God gives, steps to finding your place in God's service and much more.

  • Do you want to know the job, the place, the relationships and the ministry God has ordained for you?
  • Do you want to enter that special place of provision, responsibility and privilege designed just for you - in this life and into eternity?
  • Are you willing to answer His call?

Then you are ready to discover your calling. It is not complicated and it is intensely practical. With warmth and timeless wisdom, beloved Bible teacher Derek Prince will help you:

  • Learn to discern your giftings.
  • Uncover seven steps to finding your place in God's service.
  • Grow in your ability to hear the Holy Spirit's voice.
  • Discover the greatest obstacle to fulfilling your calling.

The powers of hell are working to stop you, but Jesus wants to bring you to a place of incredible responsibility and privilege within His Kingdom.

As you align yourself with the job He has for you, you will face your assignment in these last days with the confidence and courage that comes from being Called to Conquer.

Customer Reviews:

"This is yet another great book by Derek Prince, I found it a reminder and a eye opener to my calling in God, it is a Christian book and has a challenge to Christians. I found myself in agreement with what I read as Derek gently leads you to what Christ has done and the path He has made for us. If you are wondering or seek the direction of the calling you or we have then this is a good book to read. I have found this book to stir up the desire to refocus on my calling and step up to what the heart of God has and the price He paid for me. I can only review this book from a point of faith as this is the target of the writer and those that are called to conquer from God's way in openness to the cross with peace and love. Basically I recommend this book to anyone looking to God for revelation to their calling in Christ."

"This is a highly recommended book for someone who is looking to know what God has in His plan for them. Derek Prince is an easy read, explaining precisely, the steps you need to take to find His unique plan for your life. Don't wait - buy it now!"

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