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Derek Prince Ministries India

End Of Life's Journey - English

End Of Life's Journey - English

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Death is nothing to be feared

From the ancient Egyptians to Ponce de Leon’s relentless search for the Fountain of Youth, it seems that man has always been unwilling to face death. In The End of Life’s Journey, Derek Prince says that our appointment with death is inevitable. It cannot be cancelled, but neither should it be feared.

Eventually we must face our own mortality. The wisdom and encouragement contained in The End of Life’s Journey will help you face death with security and confidence. In this sensitive, yet insightful, book, Derek explains the nature of life and death, how to be prepared for death and what happens to us after we die.

Speaking from the personal experience of being widowed twice, Derek also offers compassion and help with facing the death of a loved one. As you ponder the end of life’s journey, you can look forward to all the glories in the life to come.

This powerful book can give you the knowledge you need to share in Christ’s victory over death!

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