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Derek Prince Ministries India

Founded on Rock - English

Founded on Rock - English

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In many places, Scripture compares
the Christian life to the construction of a building.
Beginning from that premise, Derek clearly states that
the foundation determines the size and type of building
that may be constructed. Our foundation is Jesus, but we
must dig deeply and discard the hindrances to knowing
Jesus and walking in His ways.

The Bible is the Word of God set down in writing; Jesus is
the Word of God made flesh, and there is total agreement
between them. Five vital facts then confront us:

  • keeping God's Word distinguishes true disciples
  • love is the motivation for obedience
  • the Father loves those who keep His Word
  • through God's Word, kept and obeyed, Christ manifests Himself
  • through God's Word, the Father and the Son together indwell the disciple
Derek Prince (1915-2003), founder of Derek Prince Ministries International,
wrote more than fifty books. Educated at Eton College and Cambridge
University, he also studied at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. His way
of explaining the Bible in a clear, simple way has helped millions build
a foundation of faith. His daily radio broadcast "Keys to Successful Living"
reaches millions of listeners around the world in numerous languages.
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