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Derek Prince Ministries India

God Is A Matchmaker - English

God Is A Matchmaker - English

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Are you looking for a partner? First look for God and His divine pattern for entering into marriage. This book also covers the role of parents, divorce and remarriage, celebacy, etc.

Derek Prince relates how God led him into marriage - first with Lydia; then, after Lydia's death, with Ruth.

'The first time, I really did not understand what God had done. Then, when the process was repeated in my second marriage, I came to realise that God had followed the very same pattern He Himself has established at the dawn of human history - a pattern He has ordained to stand unchanged until human history reaches its consummation.'

It is this divine pattern for entering into marriage that is the central theme of the book, providing engaged couples, counsellors and ministers with a clear and reasoned presentation of steps leading up to a successful marriage lived in the will of God.

Customer Reviews:

"This is one of the best books I have ever read. God has taught me so much about Himself and myself. There is so much Bible scripture and awesomeness in the book. I 100% recommend this to everyone!"

"After reading this book, I got the sense that God is a real Father to those who will live totally dependent on Him...."

"This is the best book on marriage I've ever read. It covers the role of parents, divorce and remarriage, celebacy, etc. Lydia Prince's story ("Appointment in Jerusalem") is one of my favourite books of all-time, so it was nice to read from Derek's perspective how he met and married her, + how as a widower he met his second wife."

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