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Derek Prince Ministries India

God's Plan For Your Money - English

God's Plan For Your Money - English

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Derek Prince reveals how to handle your money according to biblical principles so that you may live in God's blessing and abundance.

He explores giving as a part of worship, the principles of the tithe, and trusting God with every area of your life.

With time-tested spiritual principles, you can:

  • Break the spirit of poverty in your life
  • Rise up from debt to financial freedom
  • Enjoy a life of success and prosperity
  • Prosper during hard economic times

Start today to walk in God's supernatural provision - and change the course of your life.

Customer Reviews:

"This book has suggested me very clear and precise guidelines of how to give for the Kingdom of God. Giving myself to God as a living sacrifice first, then bringing the physical offerings at the altar. I found myself out having sowing seeds in the gutter very impulsively and emotionally. The book teaches me how to find good and proper soils to sow in order me to reap abundantly. If you have wrangling questions over offerings, or over your financial status, I will strongly recommend you read this book..."

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