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Derek Prince Ministries India

Hope Beyond the Grief - English

Hope Beyond the Grief - English

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Are you dealing with the loss of a loved one? Are you fearful about the prospect of your own passing? Death and dying are difficult topics to face—even for those who live in the hope of Jesus Christ.

In this sensitive, yet insightful book Derek Prince explains the nature of life and death, from the bedrock teaching of the Bible—giving us good reason for hope beyond grief.

Speaking from the personal experience of being widowed twice, Derek also offers compassion and help to face the death (loss) of a loved one. At the end of life’s journey, we can look forward to the glories of the life to come. This powerful message can give you the inspiration you need to experience Christ’s victory over death!

(This book is a short version of the book 'Sharing in Christ's Victory over Death', which contains an in-depth study of the meaning of Jesus' resurrection for our lives.)

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