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Derek Prince Ministries India

Marriage Covenant - English

Marriage Covenant - English

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By following God's plan for marriage, you will build a relationship that faces difficulties, overcomes them, and emerges stronger than ever.

Discover a love most people only dream about.

Looking to take your marriage to the next level? Wondering how to divorce-proof your marriage so that you won't become the next statistic?

Here is the answer as Derek Prince unravels the mysteries of marriage and shows you God's plans and purpose for it. Don't allow yourselves to be divided. Discover the power of covenant and you will:

  • Realise God's original intent for marriage.
  • Join with God to create a "cord of three strands".
  • Improve the quality of all your relationships.
  • Take your marriage from bitterness to blissful.
  • Learn the qualities to look for in a spouse.

It's not too late...You can have a happy, mutually fulfilling marriage.

Customer Reviews:

"This was loaned to me by a Christian sister and I'm passing it on. I know of Derek Prince from his radio broadcasts so I knew his background already. And this book was clearly written by him. It deals with covenant generally and then marriage between man and woman and then spiritual covenant between God and other Christians. As a single woman I was reminded of principles I can and plan to use. I definitely recommend to anyone whether single or married. Derek explains hard concepts very simply and builds you up."

"This book took me to another level of respect and reverence for my marriage. To see the emphasis that God places on it and the potential that a God centered marriage can have, truly stirs up in me great hope and expectation. It has pulled me out of my self-centered thinking and thrust me into a calmer, militant approach to my marriage. This book is a blessing. Thank you."

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