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Derek Prince Ministries India

Power In The Name - English

Power In The Name - English

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Uncover the character and divine power of God by exploring many of His names and titles, including "The One Who Provides," "The One Who Heals," and "The Prince of Peace."

God deeply desires to have a relationship of love with His people. Best-selling author and Bible teacher Derek Prince helps you uncover the character and divine power of God As you delve into the nature of God, you can: receive your healing, experience forgiveness for your sins. find peace and security. defeat the forces of evil, gain godly wisdom and knowledge, discover your purpose in life and remember, God the Father loves you as much as He love His Son, Jesus. (See John 17:23.)

As you learn the attributes of God and get to know Him more intimately, you will reap the blessings of His many promises and have your deepest needs met.

Customer Reviews:

"In this book Derek Prince takes the reader on a revealing journey; a journey which explains God's Name; God's Disguises, and God's Ultimate Revelation in Jesus Christ. Along the way you find out many things you need to know, things about God you may not have thought of, or you may receive a confirmation of a fact you knew, but just were not sure. In Brother Prince's unique way of teaching, you are drawn closer to the Lord because your understanding is broadened by Scripture. I trust Brother Prince's non-sectarian, strictly Biblical teaching. I would recommend this book to the young believer as well as the mature Christian."

"This book is like being a classroom as Derek Prince takes time to teach on the different aspects and characteristics of God as stated in scripture. There is a good balance of definition and relatable examples to provide better understanding and clarity. This would be a good resource for a study group as it easily allows for discussion and further study."

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