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Derek Prince Ministries India

Promised Land - English

Promised Land - English

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When was the last time Israel was NOT in the news?

For decades a nation no bigger that the state of New Jersey has
dominated the headlines of the world. This is no accident. In 1982,
Derek Prince's captivating Last Word on the Middle East explored
the conflict with remarkable accuracy. The observations in that
book have remained relevant for over 20 years. In Promised Land
(the updated edition of Last Word on the Middle East) you will
learn why this tiny struggling land has become the fulcrum of all
human history.

Derek reveals the main destructive force - already at work in the
Middle East - that is threatening international peace and security,
and who is controlling the events that will draw all nations on
Earth into a final decision that will determine their survival.

Promised Land also features an insightful timeline of the modern
history of the area. Now more than ever, this book is a must-read
for everyone interested in this strategic region of the world.
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