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Derek Prince Ministries India

Pulling Down Strongholds - English

Pulling Down Strongholds - English

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As a citizen of the kingdom of God through faith in Christ, you are automatically at war with the kingdom of Satan. This book can equip you to fight against Satan's kingdom.

Author and Bible teacher Derek Prince examines the concept of spiritual warfare as an unmistakable aspect of Christian living. Thanks to this crucial teaching, you will...

  • Learn why spiritual warfare exists.
  • Understand how Satan's kingdom operates.
  • Discover the weapons of spiritual warfare.
  • Bind the "strong man" and release people from demonic bondage.
  • Tear down the "high places" that make you spiritually vulnerable.
  • Live in the overcoming power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Don't be a casualty of spiritual warfare.

Become mighty in God for resisting Satan's attacks and Pulling Down Strongholds!

Customer Reviews:

"This short book by the renown spiritual deliverance minister and teacher, Derek Prince. Mr. Prince focuses on people's areas of weakness or drain of power and labels them as strongholds of the devil. He points to the reality that all evil comes from demonic activity. The author lays out the battle for one's soul that is waged by heaven and hell. He also lays out the weapons of spiritual warfare and the high places of idolization that many people fall into. This instructional and guidance book is 'dead-on' and for those who seek freedom from curses, bad luck, misfortune, etc. Derek Prince outlines the purpose of the book which is to help one ascertain one's position in Jesus, to build up the presence and influence of the Holy Spirit so that one can live in the love and power of the Lord. Those reading this will bring down the false' high places' and destroy the strongholds of the devil and his minions."

"The size of the book surprised me, closer to being a pamphlet; but the content.. very inspiring, insightful and biblical. While not "creative" in the sense of trying to convince sensational concepts, the words that come to mind are faithful and insightful from a teacher whom I'm truly learning to appreciate with each turn of the page. I'd gladly recommend the works of this man for those discerning seekers. Overall, while a simple and short read, but I'm finding the message to be deep, authentic and inspired to the extent that I will remember and contemplate what I learned contrary to the small size of this wonderful book."

"This is a short Christian book, very easy to read, on the topic of spiritual warfare. I read it as an introduction to his longer book about demons. I'm studying this because I've known people who seemed to be controlled by demons, and I'd like to know how to help them, as well as how to protect myself and my loved ones."

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