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Derek Prince Ministries India

Through The Psalms - English

Through The Psalms - English

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Encouragement, inspiration, correction, inner strength and vision are a few of the divine morsels available to all bellevers through the Psalms.

One of the most treasured books of the Bible, it is a source of
comfort, a touchstone of worship and a means to put words to
the deepest aches and longings of the human heart.

In this devotional, Derek Prince leads you to the wellspring of
David's worship and invites you to drink to your heart's content.
Through the Psalms offers insights from the Psalms through
101 meditations that are personal, enriching and practical for
everyday life. It unfolds some of the eternal truths of scripture,
expressed in seven main themes: God's Eternal Majesty, Prayer
and Praise, Learning God's Ways, Times of Pressure, God's All-
Embracing Care, God's Word at Work, and Time and Eternity.

Capturing something of the heart of David, and also of the
heart of God, these expressive meditations will open your
heart to intimate communications with your Shepherd.
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